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Make it easy to raise money quickly and give your supporters the power to text-to-donate from anywhere, right on a mobile device

Collecting donations of any size billed to credit and debit cards is as simple as instructing donors to text a keyword to a five-digit shortcode. They’ll instantly receive a text message linking directly to a secure donation form that captures full donor data right from their mobile phone.

Text-to-give keywords integrate directly with all MobileCause solutions and can be promoted via print, email, social media, direct mail, TV, radio, and word of mouth, providing your organization with an easy way to encourage donations and engage with donors across campaigns.

Supporters can use text-to-donate keywords to make donations right from their phones.

Text SMARC to 41444 see how text donations work

message and data rates may apply

Empower donors with text-to-donate fundraising!

Give your supporters the power to donate from anywhere, right on a mobile device using text-to-donate for nonprofits.

How Text-to-Donate Works

This guide is your source for everything you need to know about text-to-donate (and its close cousin, text-to-give).

In it you will find expert advice on how your nonprofit organization can empower supporters to donate and give from anywhere, right on a mobile device.

This comprehensive online guide will provide best practices and examples of how organizations are successfully using text-to-donate and text-to-give to fund their missions. It will also teach you how to set up your text-to-donate campaign, how to pick the perfect text-to-give keyword, cool ways to use text-to-donate to build your donor base, and much more.

So, let’s dive right in to one the chapters below!

Chapter 1

Intro to Text-to-Donate

Chapter 2

Text-to-Donate 101

Chapter 3

Text-to-Donate vs. Text-to-Give

Chapter 4

Setting Up Your Keyword

Chapter 5

Campaign Promotion

Chapter 6

Successful Campaign Examples

Chapter 7

Strategic Planning & Execution

Chapter 8

Showcasing Your Progress

Chapter 9

Beyond Text-to-Donate

FREE DOWNLOAD: Text-to-Donate Infographic. In this infographic we’ve pulled ideas together to show you how this new dawning of text can boost your nonprofit’s fundraising and communications program.

How Text-to-Donate Works

This guide is your source for everything you need to know about text-to-donate (and its close cousin, text-to-give).

In it you will find expert advice on how your nonprofit organization can empower supporters to donate and give from anywhere, right on a mobile device.

This comprehensive online guide will provide best practices and examples of how organizations are successfully using text-to-donate and text-to-give to fund their missions. It will also teach you how to set up your text-to-donate campaign, how to pick the perfect text-to-give keyword, cool ways to use text-to-donate to build your donor base, and much more.

So, let’s dive right in to one the chapters below!

A Brief Introduction to Text-to-Donate Fundraising

Text-to-donate is a mobile fundraising method that uses text messaging and keywords to allow supporters to give to the causes they care about from anywhere, whenever they want, right from their mobile device.

Since the first text message was sent over twenty years ago, text messaging has become the most favored type of communication in the entire world. It is distinctly different than voicemails, emails and social media posts, which can be missed by your target audience—text messaging virtually guarantees that your message is being seen. The more people that see your message, the better the response rate will be, which is why text-to-donate fundraising campaigns are one of the most effective ways to help raise more money for your cause.

There’s no doubt about it: making a donation by text is the absolute easiest, most effective, most efficient way for nonprofit organizations to collect donations for every type of fundraising campaign!


of donations are secure


text message open rate


of supporters appreciate text message reminders and updates

Did you know?

On average, Americans make or receive about 6 phone calls per day, but send and receive 32 texts per day. That’s 960 text messages each month or 11,520 every year!

Text-to-Donate Fundraising 101

Text-to-donate makes it easy for supporters to donate at the exact moment they’re inspired to give to your organization.

This chapter will answer some basic questions about text-to-donate so you can gain the understanding required to effectively fuel your mission with this powerful (yet easy-to-use) text-based fundraising method.

What is text-to-donate and how does it work?

Why does my organization need to start using text-to-donate right now?

How can text-to-donate increase giving?

Text-to-Donate Fundraising 101

What is text-to-donate?

Text-to-donate, sometimes known as text-to-give, text to tithe, and text giving, is an online fundraising method that makes it fast and easy for donors to give organizations of all types and sizes using text messaging.

Whether you run a small food pantry, large university or multi-chapter national organization, all that is required to generate a text-to-donate gift to your mission is a keyword, a shortcode number like 51555 and a link to a secure and mobile-friendly donation page that your donors can use to give by using their credit or debit card.

It’s that easy!

See how United Way leverages text-to-donate to make giving back more convenient for their supporters.

How do text-to-donate services work?

To run a text-to-donate campaign your organization needs to link together a campaign keyword, shortcode, and mobile-friendly donation page that your donors can use to contribute to your cause.  Later on in this guide, we’ll cover how easy it is for your organization to set up those essential text-to-donate elements. For now, we’ll take a look at how text-to-donate works from the donor side and how easy it makes it for them to support your mission.

Test out the sample text-to-donate campaign that we set up for CHOC, the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

Here’s all you have to do… it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. From your smartphone texting app, text CHOC to 51555 (message and data rates may apply)
  2. In moments, you will receive a text message with a link to the sample donation page—click on the link
  3. You’ll be taken to a secure donation page where you can easily make a one-time donation or just as easily set up a recurring donation of any amount to be automatically charged to your credit or debit card
Check out how CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County) makes it simple for supporters to make mobile donations using text-to-donate tools.

Why does my organization need to start using text-to-donate right now?

Text messaging is the most popular data service in the world and just about everyone knows how to use it.

Recent studies even show that 94% percent of smartphone users 70 and older are sending text messages on a weekly basis. Now add in the fact that a majority of donors have reported text messaging as a great way for nonprofits to engage them, and it makes using text-to-donate an amazingly effective method for gaining donations from donors of all ages.

Oh, and don’t worry that you may be bothering your donors by sending them text messages. Remember, if they ever decide they don’t want to receive any more texts from your organization, it’s extremely easy for them to unsubscribe by simply replying “STOP.”

Text-to-donate is a great way to make giving more convenient for your supporters since texting is so popular around the world.

FREE BONUS: Download this mobile fundraising guide. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference or print it for your nonprofit organization’s next meeting. Includes bonus text-to-donate and text-to-give best practices!

Start texting your supporters today

Need help creating a fundraising campaign using text-to-donate? Request a consultation with one of our experts who can provide you with custom strategies, best practices and tips, including sample recruiting and fundraising communications.

Did you know?

The TCPA allows nonprofits to upload any phone numbers you have on record and start contacting your donors by text in a matter of minutes.

How does text-to-donate increase giving?

The simplicity and accessibility of text-to-donate can add up to more donations for your organization. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • There is no limit to the donation amount a supporter can contribute to your cause with text-to-donate—unlike carrier-billed donations, which limit giving to small set amounts like $5 and $10.
  • Text-to-donate allows donors to set up recurring giving with just a few taps during the initial donation process, which can increase the annual gift your organization potentially receives from each repeat giver from $27 to over $300.
  • Donors who text a keyword but forget to complete a donation are sent reminders in the days following their pledge so they can complete their gift. These automated text donate reminders can increase gift fulfillment by 84%.
  • The donor data you collect via text-to-donate arms your organization with key information you can use to further engage donors to keep them supporting your cause well into the future.
Share mobile giving forms with gift suggestion buttons when supporters reach out via text-to-donate.
Your team can create automatic thank-you and reminder messages to send to your supporters when they give back via text-to-donate.

Text-to-Give vs. Text-to-Donate

While the terms “text-to-give” and “text-to-donate” are commonly used to mean the same thing, there are very real differences between the two methods of raising funds for good causes. They both start with the organization having to set up a keyword and shortcode that the donor will send via text message, but that’s where the similarities stop.

To make an informed choice of what will work best for your organization, you need to understand what makes text-to-give and text-to-donate so different.

Text-to-give vs Text-to-donate

What is text-to-give?

Text-to-Give first came into the spotlight in 2010 in wake of the Haiti earthquake when relief organizations were desperate for fast and easy ways to collect donations to help those in need.

During the crisis, Red Cross was able to raise $22 million with $5 and $10 donations using text-to-give.

While still in use today, text-to-give is largely obsolete with organizations abandoning the carrier-billed micro-donations in favor of newer and easier ways to raise more money, faster.

Text-to-give services were popularized after the earthquake in Haiti.

Here’s how text-to-give works:

  1. When setting up their text-to-give campaign, the nonprofit must choose a donation amount—limited to $5, 10, or most recently $25
  2. Donors who respond to the organization’s call to action text the designated keyword to the appropriate shortcode
  3. The pre-determined donation amount is automatically billed to the donor’s cell phone by their carrier
  4. The organization receives the donation after the carrier has processed it through their billing system—sometimes delayed up to 90 to 120 days!

Text-to-give may be easy for donors, however, the limited (and small) donation amounts, no repeat giving options and lengthy payment processing time makes this carrier-billed fundraising method less than ideal for nonprofits.

How is text-to-donate different?

Text-to-donate combines the ease of mobile fundraising with the power of smartphones. Like text-to-give, it allows donors to easily give to your organization when they are inspired in the moment from the convenience of their mobile phone.

However, text-to-donate offers advantages over its carrier-billed relative that include higher average donations, recurring gift options, and faster donation processing. Also, setting up text-to-donate is as easy as…

Ready… Select a keyword

Set… Set up your mobile-friendly donation page

Go! Promote your campaign and start collecting donations

Let’s take a closer look at why, in the battle of text-to-donate versus text-to-give, text-to-donate wins hands down!

Text-to-donate combines the ease of mobile giving with smartphone technology.

What makes text-to-donate a winner?


Larger Donations

While the average text-to-give donation is only $5 or $10, with text-to-donate the average gift is $107!


Faster Payment Processing

Takes less time to receive your donations since you don’t have to to receive funds from wireless carriers, which can take up to 90 days with text-to-give.


Full Donor Data

Full donor data that can only be collected with text-to-donate allows you to automatically send them automatic tax receipts and the information you need build meaningful relationships with immediate and future supporter follow-up.


Higher Donation Fulfillment

Since you can only send automated text reminders with text-to-donate, your campaigns will yield a 25% higher fulfillment rate than with text-to-give for an average fulfillment rate of 84%


Donations from Any Smartphone

Text donations can only be made if donor has Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile—text-to-donate empowers donors to make gifts from any smartphone regardless of service provider


Recurring Donations

Only text-to-donate provides donors with an opportunity to set up recurring donations, which results in twice the donations versus text-to-give, which is a one-time gift

Did you know?

The average amount that a repeat giver contributes each month to a cause they care about is $27 – making the annual gift total from their recurring donations $324!

How to Set Up Text-to-Donate Software

Text-to-donate makes giving via mobile phone using keywords and shortcodes as easy as possible. It’s also very simple to set up.

Before you begin, check that your online fundraising software supports text-to-donate. If it doesn’t, don’t worry—a MobileCause fundraising specialist can set up a demo to show you how easy it is to get started on your first campaign.

It’s also a good idea to assign someone on your team to take the lead in running your text-to-donate campaign, in charge of the setup process, your promotional plans, and donor follow-up. Like any other fundraising effort, thoughtful planning in the initial stages will help to optimize your text-to-donate campaign’s long-term fundraising potential.

Text-to-Donate software setup

How can your organization set up text-to-donate services?

This handy checklist will help you set up text-to-donate services for your organization so you don’t miss a step on the road to mobile fundraising success.


Choose your text-to-donate keyword

Keep your keyword short and sweet. It’s best to use 7 characters or less so it’s easy to remember and hard to misspell. If you’re using an acronym associated with your organization or your campaign, be sure to instruct participants to text “capital” letters – this turns off the auto-correct function on smartphones for more accurate texting.


Know your text-to-donate shortcode

Similar to the 10-digit phone number you typically use for calls, the shortcode you use to text your keyword will be a 5-digit number assigned by your fundraising platform. This will trigger the automated reply that includes a link to your text-to-donate campaign’s secure donation page.


Create your donation form or page

Capture only minimal fields on your mobile-friendly donation page to make it as quick and easy as possible for donors to complete their gift.  Do engage them with the power of storytelling to convey how your organization makes a difference and the positive impact their donation will make to your cause. You can embed a heartfelt video that speaks to your donor’s passions and compels them to fulfill their text-to-donate pledge.


Set up fundraising thermometer

A fundraising thermometer can create exciting moments of giving with every donation pledge at any live event where you use text-to-donate. Donor names and messages will display onscreen in real time allowing your emcee or host to call them out and thank them for their gift. This, in turn, inspires others to give as the thermometer rises and you get closer to your goal.


Verify mobile numbers

Phone numbers that your organization has collected from supporters, volunteers and donors can be verified as a mobile number to build a subscriber list that you can text message to promote your cause and text-to-donate campaign. As a nonprofit, you have special permissions to send supporters text messages without first receiving their permission.


Promote your text-to-donate campaign

Now it’s time to start letting donors know about your text-to-donate campaign. Use your existing marketing channels to get the word out about how supporters can donate by sending a text message. Promote your text-to-donate keyword and simple step-by-step instructions on printed materials, on your website and on social media.

Text-to-Donate Campaign Promotion

It’s a simple equation: the more people who know about your text-to-donate campaign, the more funds your organization can raise to help further your mission.

Text-to-donate can be strategically promoted across every channel your organization uses, from direct mail to email to social media, and of course, text messaging. Using your organization’s verified mobile numbers you are guaranteed to reach almost every single recipient of your text-to-donate campaign with your fundraising message and call to action.

Promote your text-to-donate campaign across all communications channels.

Promote text-to-donate via direct mail marketing

On its own, a direct mail campaign—even a successful one—typically only has a 2% response rate.

Providing your supporters the ability to donate directly to your organization with text-to-donate in response to a direct mail campaign can improve response rates and increases fundraising results. In fact, 35% of donors say they prefer to respond to direct mail by giving online.

Make sure your text-to-donate keyword and shortcode appear prominently on your direct mail piece. Add clear and concise instructions—your text-to-donate call to action—and supporters won’t be able to miss the easiest way to respond and give.

Include your text-to-donate keyword in direct mail communications.

Email supporters about text-to-donate opportunities

Email continues to be a very pervasive promotional channel for nonprofits.

Even with an average nonprofit email open rate of only 14%, organizations depend on email communications to connect with supporters and raise funds for their cause.

Email also offers an ideal opportunity to spread the word about your text-to-donate campaigns. Coupled together, email and text-to-donate increase the likelihood that you will reach, engage and compel your donors to give.

Include your detailed yet easy-to-follow text-to-donate instructions along with a link to the donation page where you’ll capture full donor information for future promotions.

Leverage email to promote text-to-donate to your supporters.

Encourage supporters to use text-to-donate in social media posts

Everyone is on social media—which means your donors are there too. Your organization can leverage the power of social networks to propel your text-to-donate campaign forward by combining the fundraising appeal with a healthy mix of compelling content that can include moving images, emotional stories, heartfelt videos, exciting mission updates, fun behind-the-scenes shenanigans, and more.

Make sure the text-to-donate keyword, shortcode and donation instructions are clearly visible in the text part of the post or embedded in the image or video so followers can give to your cause with just a few clicks.

Your team can promote text-to-donate for your nonprofit on social media.

Get the word out about text-to-donate using advertising

Promoting your text-to-donate campaign through ads doesn’t have to be a costly effort for your nonprofit when you know how to advertise your text-to-donate keyword, shortcode and call to action without breaking the bank.

  • Google Ad Grants provide $10,000 of free advertising for 501c3 nonprofits which your organization can use to promote your text-to-donate campaign in ads that will appear in search results when people look for the causes they care about.
  • YouTube Nonprofit Program allows your organization to apply video overlays and text-to-donate call to actions on the videos hosted on your organization’s YouTube Channel to promote your campaign.
  • Instructors at local educational institutions who are in charge of the media, advertising, and graphic design courses may be willing to assign students to work on advertising for your nonprofit pro-bono. You can then provide their work to media outlets like local newspapers, TV and radio stations, which will use your free ads to fill any dead space and airtime they may have while contributing to a worthy cause.
Don't forget to spread the word about your text-to-donate campaign by using advertising.
See how United Way promotes their text-to-donate campaign on television.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Text-to-Donate Infographic. In this infographic we’ve pulled ideas together to show you how this new dawning of text can boost your nonprofit’s fundraising and communications program.

Use text-to-donate in your next campaign

Need help creating a fundraising campaign using text-to-donate? Request a consultation with one of our experts who can provide you with custom strategies, best practices, and tips, including sample recruiting and fundraising communications.

Important Text-to-Donate Fundraising Benchmarks



Donation at
Fundraising Event




Who Own
Mobile Phones


Who Own


Security of
Credit Card


Successful Text-to-Donate Campaign Examples

All types and sizes of nonprofits are successfully using text-to-donate to engage their donors and maximize giving.

The following real-life examples of text-to-donate in action will demonstrate how organizations are leveraging the power of text message-based donations to fund their missions and do more good.

The best part of these success stories is that you can do the same for your organization! 

Check out these real-life examples of text-to-donate in action.

Text-to-Donate Success Story #1

How the Steve Harvey Foundation Used a Text-to-Donate Keyword to raise over $1 Million

The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation provides nationwide programming & mentoring camps, global service experiences, and scholarships that ensure the needs of the whole child are met in order to foster excellence in the lives of underserved youth and assist them in pursuing higher education.

Mr. Harvey announced the Steve Harvey Ride for Charity fundraising campaign on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, his nationally syndicated radio program. Throughout the month-long Ride Mr. Harvey would exercise on either a recumbent bicycle, treadmill, or elliptical in his Chicago studio for the duration of his daily radio show—4 hours a day, 5 days a week—to raise awareness and money for his mentoring program benefiting young men and women. 100% of all donations raised would go directly to the cause.

BONUS: Watch another one of Steve Harvey’s live video calls to action and get more insight with full expert analysis of the text-to-donate fundraising campaign. Click here to watch now!

Mr. Harvey instructed listeners across the country to donate to his foundation by sending the text-to-donate (or as he called it, text-to-give) keyword STEVE to 91999 (message and data rates may apply) or going to harveyfoundation.com to make a donation. To encourage gifts of any size, he customized the campaign’s mobile-friendly donation form to show $1 as the lowest gift amount.

As donations came in, they appeared on a live fundraising thermometer displayed in the studio, allowing Mr. Harvey to announce gift amounts and thank donors in real-time. Every donor that texted the keyword was also subscribed to receive text message updates from his foundation.

See how Ride for Charity leverages text-to-donate and mobile giving tools to make giving back easier for supporters.

The Steve Harvey Ride for Charity also picked up speed on social media with many of Mr. Harvey’s followers tuning in for his Facebook Live and Periscope broadcasts, retweeting his tweets and spreading the word on their own accounts with the simple instructions “Text STEVE to 91999 to make a donation.”

(message and data rates may apply)

Text-to-Donate Campaign Results

$1,013,102 raised using text-to-donate and online

43,990 total donors

$23 average gift size

86% text-to-donate fulfillment rate

Text-to-Donate Success Story #2

Creative Use of Text-to-Donate Keywords

The United States Equestrian Team Foundation (USET) supports equestrian athletes and horses and promotes international excellence in the post now and into the future.

USET Coaches held an “America’s Equestrians Got Talent” benefit to raise the funds needed to better engage the equestrian community and for the team to be able to go to the Olympics.

The organization created 13 unique text-to-vote (same as text-give-keywords) keywords for each contestant and invited the public to vote for their favorite equestrian by making a donation.

Each equestrian had a personal fundraising goal of $1,000 (200 votes each). The live event was streamed online and the simple text-to-donate instructions for voting for each equestrian were displayed on-screen.

See how the United States Equestrian Team Foundation leverages text-to-donate to support equestrian athletes.

BONUS: Watch recorded USET talent show testimonial. Click here to watch now!

USET Foundation gave the text-to-donate instructions: Text “ATHLETENAME” to 41444 to vote. Every $5 donated counts as one vote. Unlimited votes! (message and data rates may apply)

The benefit was well-publicized and marketed across all channels including via press release, social media, email and text message blast. For maximum participation USET sent text message reminders to their database of supporters 5 days before, 3 days before and on the day of the event.

The older generation of donors will always be phasing out. Think outside the fundraising box to reach your next generation of supporters. Don’t try to fit things into a mold because you never know what might work!

Michelle Zanzonico

Director of Annual Support, USET

Text-to-Donate Campaign Results

$38,000 raised using text-to-vote

376 text-to-vote donors

$350,000 raised at the event from tickets, auction and votes

The winning contestant had 1655 votes from 97 donors

Text-to-Donate Success Story #3

Annual Giving Strategy Enhanced with Text-to-Donate

Boy Scouts of America, Long Beach Area Council (Long Beach BSA) is the Long Beach, California branch of the Boy Scouts of America. Their mission is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices throughout their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

With a small staff of only 4 people, Long Beach BSA easily implemented text-to-donate just 2 days before an event. 60 out of the 80 attendees made text donations that were displayed on the live fundraising thermometer. The organization continued to use the platform as a straightforward way for supporters to give throughout the year.

To accomplish their goals, they sent out two newsletters, one for their mainstream audience, and the other for major donors that included the text-to-donate instructions as well as a URL for online giving. The instructions were also printed on direct mail, weekly emails, and social media posts.

See how Boy Scouts of America uses text-to-donate in their fundraising outreach to boost mobile giving.

BONUS: Hear more from LBAC Boy Scouts’ development director. Click here to watch now!

With every communication, Long Beach BSA provided compelling reasons for supporters to give, explaining how text-to-donate gifts, which would allow them to purchase new equipment or build a new dining hall differed from Scout dues.

One of the biggest fundraising hurdles the organization faced was the fact that most Scout parents in their 30s carried neither cash nor checks with them whenever they asked for donations. Text-to-donate and online giving solutions allowed those parents to give quickly and easily online or by via their smartphone.

Long Beach BSA continues to use MobileCause text-to-donate for events and giving campaigns, integrating online forms and mobile messaging to make it easy for members to sign up, pay registrations, and capture RSVPs.

Using text-to-donate has been a no-brainer simply for the fact that mobile donations are supplemental to existing sources of revenue and will help us reach a new generation of donors.

Marc Bonner

Development Director, Boy Scouts of America

Text-to-Donate Campaign Results

$48,000 raised using text-to-donate and online giving

$23,000 pledged for new summer dining hall

390 donors supporting local programs

36 recurring donors and counting

FREE DOWNLOAD: Text-to-Donate Infographic. In this infographic we’ve pulled ideas together to show you how this new dawning of text can boost your nonprofit’s fundraising and communications program.

Planning and Executing a Winning Text-to-Donate Strategy

Fundraising success—and how your organization achieves it using text-to-donate—may look a little different for every nonprofit, but there are certain elements to planning and executing winning campaigns that are common to all types of nonprofit.

These handy checklists will help you keep track of all the crucial details that will make or break your text-to-donate campaign and allow you to reach your goals and grow your mission.

text-to-donate strategy

Developing Your Strategic Text-to-Donate Fundraising Plan


Figure out the logistics

Determine who in your organization will be in charge of running the text-to-donate campaign, the timeline for implementing and launching your plan, what promotional channels will you use to promote your text-to-donate keyword and shortcode and what are the key milestones?


Develop promotional tools

Create compelling campaign ads, videos, social posts, hashtag(s), imagery, and any other promotional collateral to promote your text-to-donate campaign keyword and shortcode.  Make your message and calls to action heartfelt and make sure they express the impact that donors can make with even the smallest gift.


Promote your campaign

Determine which traditional and digital channels you will use to promote your campaign and communicate updates–consider email, social media, text message, and direct mail and then get to it! The more you do, the wider the reach, the higher the response rate and the closer you will get to reaching your fundraising goals.


Set attainable goals

Confirm how much money your organization will set out to raise, how many donors do you want to reach, and the goals you are trying to reach — aim high, but be realistic. Remember, you can always move your target if you quickly meet (or surpass) your set fundraising benchmark. Also, clearly define what your organization will be able to accomplish when you reach those goals —donors will be more apt to support your cause when they know exactly what impact they are making with their contribution.


Recruit campaign ambassadors

Take the time to identify and recruit different types of influencers that will be happy to promote your text-to-donate campaign to their personal and professional networks to drive awareness and increase donations. Your target list should include influential bloggers, donors, community and business partners and even local politicians and celebrities.


Track, adjust and optimize

Keep track of how your text-to-donate efforts are doing — how much money you’ve raised, how many new donors you’ve acquired, etc.. — to determine messaging, fundraising goals and other elements that can be improved or adjusted to make your campaign more productive.

Executing Your Text-to-Donate Fundraising Plan


Launch your campaign

Announce and promote your text-to-donate fundraising initiative across all channels including direct mail, email, advertising, social media and text message.


Deliver your message

Remember to remind supporters about your mission and what their gifts will help you to accomplish


Make it easy to give

Make it possible for them to complete their text-to-donate pledge at any time, from any device, with a mobile-friendly campaign donation page


Send automated tax receipts

Save yourself hours of administrative time by sending out branded automated tax receipts to all donors via text and email for their tax-deductible text-to-donate contribution. Include your organization’s logo to boost donor confidence and social media links and details about any upcoming campaigns to keep them interested and engaged.


Spread the word

Validate that all phone numbers in your organization’s database are mobile numbers so you can text message everyone to alert them to your campaign launch. Mobile phone verification is


Keep supporters updated

Send ongoing text, image, and video communications throughout your text-to-donate campaign, and especially when you reach fundraising milestones like 25%, 50%, and 75% fulfillment of your goal


Engage with text messages and video

Keep the momentum going with live text-to-donate campaign video updates sent via text message from the field to keep your donors connected to your organization, your mission and aware of the good that you are accomplishing with their support.


Thank donors often

Thank donors again and again by telling them how much their gift means to your mission

Showcasing Your Text-to-Donate Fundraising Progress

Your supporters want you to succeed!

They want to hear the good news of how their donations help you accomplish your objectives. But what happens when text-to-donate fundraising expectations fall short?

Regardless of results, showcase both the good and bad progress of your campaigns. Transparency will help supporters feel they have a real stake in the ongoing success of your mission, allow you to show appreciation as you meet your goals, and challenge them to help more when your fundraising target isn’t being met.

Showcase the progress of your text-to-donate campaign using our fundraising thermometer tool.

One of the most effective ways to share text-to-donate progress is with a fundraising thermometer that shows campaign results in real-time.

What to Include in Your Fundraising Thermometer

The overall fundraising campaign goal

The total amount raised and the amount remaining

The total number of individual donors

Donor names with donation amounts (optional)

Real-time fundraising thermometers showcase your campaign progress in real-time, recognize donors and inspire supporters to help you reach your goal.

Tip: As progress slows, adjust your strategy and send compelling communications across channels to help restore the giving momentum.

Ride for Charity uses their fundraising thermometer to promote their text-to-donate campaign as a way to boost donations.

Beyond Text-to-Donate Fundraising

Beyond text-to-donate keywords, mobile-friendly forms and mobile messaging can be leveraged to help increase response rates for just about every type of campaign that you are planning to execute for your organization.

Remember, your text-to keywords and shortcodes can be easily promoted via email, text message and social media.

Check out our tips on how to take text-to-donate to the next level.

How else can you extend the power of text-to-donate?


Text to take surveys

Surveys allow your organization to collect valuable information from your donors, volunteers, partners, and recipients. When you know who your audience is, you can better tailor your messaging, calls to action and improve the response rates of your campaigns


Text for daily encouragements

From daily health tips to bible verses to self-improvement advice, your organization can set up text for words of encouragement that will keep your subscribers coming back for more. It’s a great low-stress way to stay connected and keep your mission top of mind.


Text to sign up

Digital signups are quick and easy for any purpose your organization can think of with text to keywords that drive registrations via mobile. Plus customization options let you collect the exact information need whether it’s full donor contact details, a participant’s shirt size, or the hours a volunteer wants to work at your event.


Text to sign petition

Get people involved in your mission with petitions that advocate for what matters most to your organization and resonates with them. Not only will they feel they can easily make a meaningful difference to your cause, they may also be inspired to give next time that you ask for donations to fund your important work. Petitions are a great way for your nonprofit to build and grow your supporter network.

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