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MobileCause allowed us to effectively reach our donor-base, and grow a new donor-base, through digital channels when the unexpected and devastating flood overpowered Peru in March 2017.

— Shelly Hopkins, Co-Director, Latin Equip


Latin Equip had previously been relying on traditional fundraising methods when they decided to leverage digital channels to provide their donor base with a quicker, easier way to give. In March 2017, Peru was hit with a devastating flood and millions of people were left homeless and hungry. Latin Equip knew they needed to deploy a fast ‘easy-to-give’ solution to foster donations quickly to support the flood efforts.


By leveraging MobileCause solutions, Latin Equip was able to expand their reach quickly when this tragedy hit through mobile-friendly donation pages and email notifications to allow increase the funds raised and allow their supporters to become fundraisers on their behalf.


Within the first year of using MobileCause, Latin Equip has been able to raise $174,000 in donations through the platform. They raised $50,000 through their text-to-give campaign when the flood struck Peru leaving millions of people homeless and hungry. Building upon their fundraising efforts to support the flood devastation, they also host an annual event that has brought in $124,000 in online donations through auction bidding.


Latin Equip was founded in 1986 by Steve and Shelly Hopkins, missionaries who had just returned from living in Mexico City for two years, where they served as staff pastors in a large church. In 1984 while serving in Mexico, Steve took his first trip to Peru. Steve and Shelly sensed a calling to help plant a church in Lima for Quechua Indians and were in preparation for this plan when they became introduced to Carlos and Celia Estrada, founders of a network of churches in Peru with missionaries in different parts of the world. What started as an honest and simple vision, became a passionate calling in the hearts of Steve and Shelly. Steve began to minister in Lima, and throughout Peru. Latin Equip honors the work of these pioneer missionaries! To donate to this organization, click here.

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