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“When we can have in-person events again, we will always have an online element. It was the first time donors from around the world were able to be ‘in the room’ with us.”

– Keith Gehrig, Executive Account Manager Mona Foundation


Each year the Mona Foundation holds an annual fundraising gala. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic’s social distancing restrictions, the Mona Foundation was forced to either cancel their fundraiser or find a replacement virtual event.


Already a MobileCause client, the Mona Foundation had the tools necessary to pivot their annual gala into a virtual event. The Mona Foundation Team created a virtual program consisting of live and pre-recorded video segments hosted through Zoom and on a MobileCause Event Page. A bulk of the event was the pre-recorded segments and an emcee hosted the live segments. Sprinkled throughout the program, partner projects and donors shared short videos on how and why they support Mona. Interspersing supporters’ testimonials created an entertaining event that captivated viewers’ attention. The Mona team also added interactive elements to the virtual gala with a MobileCause peer-to-peer fundraising page and virtual table captains called “Together Tables.” They recruited board and advisory members to sponsor Together Tables while table captains sold seats to help reach their team’s fundraising goal. In addition, the Mona Team created custom Zoom backgrounds for each “Together Table” so members could easily spot other table attendees and create a sense of community.

MONA 2020 Gala virtual fundraising event was hosted on a MobileCause Event Page.


The Mona team created an engaging, successful virtual gala that attracted attendees from all over the world and with less overhead cost. The peer-to-peer fundraising and Together Tables were responsible for raising $177,742 dollars alone. Fundraising tools like text-to-donate and a live progress circle were displayed on Mona’s Event Page, creating an exciting giving environment, even with the restrictions with a virtual event. Without the usual costs associated with on-site fundraising galas, including catering, valet parking, venue rental, etc, increasing their net profit was easy. The team broke the geographic limitations of their in-person events, as attendees from all over the world participated without having to purchase an airline ticket or hotel room. Because of these benefits, Mona Foundation plans to include online and virtual elements in all their events going forward.

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Mona Foundation

Created in 1999 when a small group of people experienced the despair of poverty first hand and the power of education to change lives, the Mona Foundation works to alleviate global poverty. They believe that universal education, gender equality, and community-led transformation are key to alleviating poverty, so that no child goes to bed hungry, lost to preventable diseases, or is deprived of the gift of education.

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