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increase in net profit for DC Gala


increase in net profit for NY Gala

Thanks to MobileCause our virtual galas were successful financially (which was a big relief) and in quality (which was just as important to us). We experienced a net profit higher for both of our virtual galas compared to in-person galas of previous years.

Kevin R. Callahan, Director of Special Events, SOAR!


Supporting Our Aging Religious or SOAR! is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to raising funds and grants to help Catholic congregations across the United States care for their elderly and infirm members. SOAR! holds two important fundraising galas each year, one in New York City, the other in Washington D.C. Both galas have been a significant source of funding for SOAR!’s beneficiaries for the past 34 years, however in 2020 SOAR! was forced to cancel both events due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. The SOAR! Team decided to create virtual events in place of both galas and began searching for a virtual production partner.


The SOAR! Team vetted ten separate online fundraising platforms before choosing MobileCause. The MobileCause platform stood out for its robust virtual fundraising capabilities and the expert support offered by a team of Digital Fundraising Strategists. The live events both “in Washington DC” and in “New York City” were broadcasted on seperate MobileCause Event Pages with text-to-donate instructions and a donation progress circle. Attendees could see in real time their donation amount and name displayed on the screen, creating a live giving experience. 

During the planning process, the SOAR! team decided it would be a mistake to try and imitate their usual in-person event and decided to focus on creating a program highlighting SOAR!’s mission, while giving honorees an opportunity to accept their SOAR! awards in a stylish setting. Their primary focus was to present the religious communities of Sisters, Brothers, and Priests as the star of the galas. Both galas were promoted through social media, email marketing and direct mail channels. SOAR! kept both to a 40 minute program to keep attendees attention, while their president Sister Kathleen Lunsmann emceed both events.

Learn how SOAR! increased their net profit for their annual fundraising galas by going virtual.


SOARS!’s New York City and Washington DC galas were successful both financially and in quality. Their net profit (revenue minus expenses) for the 2020 SOAR! New York Awards Gala (a virtual gala) was approximately 40% higher than the 2019 New York Awards Gala (an in-person dinner). The 2020 DC Gala, raised nearly the same amount of revenue as the 2019 DC Gala with a 15% increase in net profit. The SOAR! Team discovered they could create a compelling virtual event program that engaged supporters, honored beneficiaries, and still raised critical funds with less overhead costs.

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SOAR!, or Supporting Our Aging Religious, works to raise funds for Catholic congregations across the United States to support their retired and infirm Sisters, Brothers, and Priests. They also work to educate individuals about the retirement needs confronting the population’s aging religious leaders and develop a network of concerned individuals to respond to this need. 

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