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What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising? 

Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising empowers your supporters to raise money on behalf of your mission. Your supporters fundraise by reaching out to their networks, whether through social media, email, or phone. 

Leveraging P2P in your fundraising campaigns can help drive more recurring donors and help bring in new donors that would have been difficult to attract before. P2P is very powerful and motivating because your supporters become the heroes, and they can actually see the impact being made in real time because of their efforts! 

P2P fundraising is a long-standing staple to a successful fundraising campaign will continue to be for years to come. Over $601,000,000 has been raised through P2P on MobileCause alone. The best part is that when using a platform like MobileCause, running a peer-to-peer campaign online is easier and more fun than ever. 


8 Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas 

You’ve got funds to raise and donors to bring on board so, let’s go through 8 P2P fundraising ideas that we have seen take off! 


1. Gala in the Garden Pajama Contest
Organization: Good Shepard Rehabilitation Network 

What was the fun? Contestants dress down in their best pajamas for their fundraiser photos. Then, friends and family “Donate to Vote” for their favorite to determine the contest’s winner. 

 How? Individual fundraisers customized their peer-to-peer pages with their own story, photos, and connection to the cause. Prizes were awarded to those who raised the most and to those who received the most votes for their pajamas. 

The Results? Good Shepherd’s Pajama Contest brought in 20 fundraisers and 110 donors, increased engagement in their community, and created more opportunities to continue their good work. 


2. Christmas Cookie Competition 
Organization: Advocates for Children 

What was the fun? Six local chefs were paired with a child from the Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter to spend two weeks together developing the recipe for and decorating a special Christmas cookie.  

How? Volunteer fundraisers solicited donations with $1 equating to one vote for their creation. The final score was calculated by the most votes (fundraising dollars) and the judge’s decision (50/50). Winners received bragging rights, a trophy, and a special outing with the Children’s Shelter. 

The Results? Advocates for Children raised necessary funds for their mission, created a special event for the children in a local shelter, and brought in new donors with their creative peer-to-peer fundraiser. 


3. Alumni Challenge 
Organization: Cedar Crest College 

What was the fun? Alumni fundraising challenges were created using both graduation year and decade to see which would raise the most. The graduation classes spanned from 1950 to 2019 to broaden their audience and engage the most alumni. 

How? Winners were awarded from both decade and year challenges for both the most raised and those to the highest percentage over their goal. Prizes included, among other things, an engraved paver for the winning class. 

The Results? Cedar Crest College went on to raise over $106,438, engaged a broad donor base, and generated needed support during the uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


4. 6th Annual Abilene Music Awards 
Organization: Ben Richey Boys Ranch & Family Program 


What was the fun? The music contest features ten performers who will compete at the Abilene, Texas Convention Center to be named best singer, all while fundraising for the organization. 

How? Competitors introduce themselves on their peer-to-peer Performer pages and solicit fundraising dollars. Prizes are awarded for best singer and top fundraiser. 

The Results? This event raised over $196,000.00 using peer-to-peer fundraising, created a fun and entertaining competition for their community, and put the spotlight on local talent. 


5. Bloomfest Annual Fundraiser 
Organization: EasterSeals Oregon 

What was the fun? An annual event selling tulip bouquets to celebrate springtime and benefitting children, adults, seniors, and veterans with disabilities and special needs. 

How? Families and local businesses created teams and set up customizable peer-to-peer pages to sell tulips and fundraise. They also hosted an in-person “day of” tulip sale and promoted it by sending text reminders to fundraisers and supporters about important deadlines.  

The Results? EasterSeals Oregon surpassed its fundraising goal and went on to raise $78,982 from 312 donors and 51 fundraisers, while bringing the joy and beauty of spring to supporters. 


6. Scout Discount Cards 
Organization: Boy Scouts of America Lincoln Heritage Council 


What was the fun? Scouts sell Scout cards that include discounts to local stores and activities. 

How? The organization focused its promotion on Facebook in order to spur friendly competition. Individual fundraisers used unique text-to-donate keywords to make giving easy for supporters. 

The Results? This ongoing campaign has engaged an incredible 260 individual fundraisers, raised awareness for their organization, and boosted visibility within the community. 


7. The Goat Games 2020 
Organization: Catskill Animal Sanctuary 

What was the fun? This Animal Sanctuary used their goats as mascots for team fundraising activities such as hiking, biking, running, swimming, and “everything else.”  

How? Registrants joined a team or as an Athlete or Fan to participate in activities and raise funds for the cause. Supporters were encouraged to share pictures of themselves in competition bibs on social media and on a special section of their website. 

The Results? The Goat Games 2020 raised over $42,601 for their animals, while creating a unique twist on the usual run/walk athletic event. 


8. Walk Around Mars
Organization: Mars Planet Foundation

What was the fun? A six-week campaign with the goal for each participant to walk 26.5 miles around the town of Mars, Pennsylvania to collectively total one lap around the planet Mars.  

How? Walk Around Mars had both teams and individual fundraisers sign-up and use the provided, customizable online form for registrants to enter their miles. They also promoted the campaign on social media, engaged local businesses, and used Weekly Challenges and text messaging to encourage participants. 

The Results? The Mars Planet Foundation raised over $36,247, nearly double their goal, from 333 donors. They also engaged 186 peer-to-peer fundraisers and grew their social media presence. 


MobileCause Helps You Raise More with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 

Our goal at MobileCause is to help nonprofit organizations create and manage successful digital fundraising campaigns, raise more money, and retain donors longer.   

With MobileCause, your fundraising is less complicated for you, and supporting your mission is less complex for your supporters. 

Request a free demo with one of our fundraising experts to learn, step by step, how MobileCause can simply help set up your campaigns while transforming your results. 

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