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5 Creative Uses of the Event Page Impact Section

WRITTEN BY Denise Dunbar

The Impact section on the event page offers a lot of flexibility and customization. Situated in the middle of the page, the impact section is a focal point for donors to receive information, learn more about your organizations, and most importantly of all – to donate. I’ll discuss five creative ways to utilize this section below.

Fund a Need

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The intended purpose of the impact section is to give your supporters a direct way to donate to specific programs or initiatives. The event page can fit up to four impact tile cards across the page. Each tile card can include a title, image, message, donation amount, and a button to add a MobileCause form or an external link to an organization’s website donation form. This is the perfect place to highlight programs for which you want to receive funding. Adding an image related to the program, with a short description will create a warm emotional appeal and entice the donor to support your program. If you have more than four programs you can always add more impact sections to fit your needs. See an example!

Use your MobileCause Event Page to display impact metrics to show donors how their donations make a difference.

Speakers/Event Hosts/VIPs

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If you want an area on your event page to introduce individuals who will be participating in your event, you can get creative with the impact section and showcase event hosts, speakers, and other VIPs. You can use a design website such as Canva to create graphics and borders around your images to add to each tile card and use a non-payment form to include speaker bios. You don’t need to use each element of the section either. If you just want to have an image and a title, you can hide the other elements you don’t need. See an example!

Use your MobileCause Event Page to highlight guest speakers or award recipients for your next event.

Need help building your Event Page? Work with a Digital Fundraising Strategist for your next event.

GiveSmart Auction and Raffle Items

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The impact section can be used to link your GiveSmart online auction and raffle items. You can add an external link to the online auction in the button area and donors will be directed to the auction site for bidding. If you have raffle items, you can create a MobileCause form with the raffle ticket pricing or add raffle items right on the form for donors to bid on. Then simply link the form to the button on the tile card. You can choose to add an image of a raffle item or a graphic to include on the tile card and include a brief description of the item in the message area of the tile card. See an example!

The Impact section on your MobileCause event page can highlight your online auction or raffle items.

How to Help/Additional Resources

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By adding a section with different ways a donor can support, you are ensuring maximum engagement for your event. You can add special graphics depicting how a donor can help support your event. Examples of how a donor can help include, Attend the Event, Bid in the Auction, Sponsor the Event, Make a Donation, and Share the event on social media. This section is also a great place to include additional information for the donor, or event attendee. You can create forms in MobileCause for FAQs, Rules for an event/competition, and Covid-19 Protocols. See an example!

Make a splash on your MobileCause event page by using fun graphics in the Impact section.

Link Crowdfunding Pages

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If you’re using crowdfunding as part of your event to drive engagement and you want to highlight this on the event page, you can use the impact section to link the main crowdfunding site, or individual team or fundraiser pages. You can use this section as a leader board for crowdfunding or to announce ambassadors for your organization. Visitors to the event page can click the button linked to the team or fundraiser and donate directly from the event page instead of having a different link to navigate. See an example!

Highlight your volunteer fundraisers in the Impact section of your event page.

I hope you’re inspired to get creative with the event page and make it stand out to your donors! 

Denise Dunbar
Digital Fundraising Strategist


Our goal at MobileCause is to help nonprofit organizations create and manage successful digital fundraising campaigns, raise more money and retain donors longer. Request a free demo with one of our fundraising experts to learn, step by step, how MobileCause can simply help set up your campaigns while transforming your results.

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