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United Way of Central Maryland



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When we go into the workplace and across social media, we use online forms, and when we are hosting in-person events, we use text to give. Technology helps us connect with supporters faster and easier than traditional methods.

– Jacob Austin, Marketing Manager


Every Thanksgiving, United Way of Central Maryland holds their Annual Harvest of Plenty (HoP) event which has the goal of delivering more than 4,000 thanksgiving meals to families in need. A donation of $25 feeds an entire family. With a hefty goal for the campaign the Baltimore-region nonprofit decided that they should try to digitize their fundraising by partnering with an organization that offers digital fundraising services.


Through MobileCause, United Way of Central Maryland set up crowdfunding pages and online forms so that they could track where their donations were coming from—an offline donation entry page was set up so that the offline donation information was also being captured. A real-time thermometer was also set up allowing for display of live donations throughout the campaign. All a donor had to do to donate was text GiveThanks16 to 71777, then they could easily give their gift to a family in need!


The MobileCause solution ended up being very successful. United Way of Central Maryland was able to deliver more than 4,000 thanksgiving meals to underserved families due to the great success of their Harvest of Plenty campaign. During 2016, they were able to receive pledged donations of over $150,000 from 403 donors across 37 crowdfunding campaigns.

United Way of Central Maryland

With the idea of giving hope during the holidays to those who are underserved, United Way of Central Maryland looks to deliver more than 4,000 Thanksgiving meals to low-income families. The intention is for the community to give back to those that are underserved and make their holiday one to remember.

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