Earn cash just by setting up a meeting to help your team.

You’ve got the contacts. We want an intro.

Are you playing at the collegiate level but looking for a side-job that works on your schedule? Maybe you’re a coach looking for a way to help your team and supplement your stipend.

The Hellafan 20/20 Affiliate program is way to earn cold-hard cash. Since the average fundraiser for most teams is between $4,000 and $10,000, you can expect to earn $100-$250+ per team.

There’s no inventory to buy. No training to pay for. No pyramid-scheme tactics. It’s an honest-to-goodness finders-fee commission.

How do Hellafan Affiliates Earn Their Finders Fee?

#1. Introduce Hellafan

When you join the affiliate program, we’ll hook you up with flyers, emails, and presentations to help you introduce Hellafan to the right people at your school.

If you’re a football coach, or booster, you can sign-up your team. You could also sign-up the other teams at your school and compound your earnings.

#2. Register a Team

If you’re a coach, AD, or Booster–you can skip right ahead to this step!

if not, the team will need to register for Hellafan. When they do, we ask them who introduced the concept. 

Just in-case they forget, we also ask that you send us an email at affiliate@hellafan.com.

We’ll do all the double-checking on our end. You sit back and relax.

#3. Sit-Back & Earn

When your team submits its first points, we’ll send you $20 to the Venmo account you signed up with.

As your team plays throughout the season, we hold aside 20% of our revenues as a commission for you. 

Commissions are paid out over Venmo on a monthly-basis, 30 days after receipt of a team’s invoice.

We’ll send you all of the information you need to get started to sign-up your own teams and start earning today!

Frequently asked questions about the Affiliate Program

What am I obligated to do as an affiliate?

Nothing. Zilch. Nada. You can sign-up and cancel or let your account expire. Affiliates can come and go as they please. The affiliate program costs nothing to sign-up or to be part of. It’s an honest-to-goodness finders-fee program. You have contacts. We’d love an intro.

How many teams do I have to register?

As many or as few as you like. The way our program is designed, the more teams you sign up, the more money you can make. That said, we don’t mandate minimums or a quota.

What do I need to sign up?

Click ‘Register Here’ to sign up. We’ll ask you for your name, phone number, street address, and Venmo account where we can send funds. 

You can stop being an Affiliate at any time. Affiliates who become inactive (i.e. a period of 90 days without having submitted a team) are automatically removed from the Hellafan Affiliate program.

I was an Affiliate before but it expired. Can I sign up again?

Absolutely. Affiliates can come and go as they please. We do not have quotas. minimum hours, etc. You do you.

I am a coach/athletic director that wants the commission sent back to my school. Can you do that?

If a coach or AD signs up their entire school, then yes, we will send your Affiliate Finders Fee back to that school if you direct us to do so. Otherwise, you are welcome to donate your proceeds back to your school’s program after receipt from Hellafan. 

What counts as a team?

Any group of students with their own playing schedule. So boys and girls soccer, that’s two teams. JV and Varsity football, also two-teams. At most schools with male and female sports, and varsity and junior-varsity sports, it is not uncommon to have 15-20 teams.

Am I an employee?

Nope. Affiliates are classified as 1099’s under IRS nomenclature. For those laymen out there, it means you’re your own boss. No one from Hellafan is going to call you and tell you to do your job such-and-such a way.