We receive a lot of questions from Athletic Directors, Coaches, and Boosters about schools that already have their own donation/fundraising portals on if and how they could utilize the Hellafan platform. 

Can our school/team use our existing booster/fundraising portal?

Yes. Hellafan can direct donors to your established booster/school fundraising portal instead of a Hellafan fundraising page.

Hellafan will not redirect to another crowdfunding service like Indigogo, GoFundMe, etc. (They’re competitors). Hellafan will redirect to Facebook Donation, Paypal Donation, and Amazon Donation pages due to the prevalence of use by schools. 

If we use our own portal, how does it work?

If you wish to use an established school/booster portal, email us at info@hellafan.com. When you do, we’ll ask you to attend a 20-minute call so we can confirm a school representative, booster/school donation portal web-address, and answer any other questions your team may have.

From that point forward, when you start your school Fundraiser, Hellafan will continue to collect, store, and calculate donor pledges as normal. When the game is played, and your scores are submitted, instead of directing donors to the Hellafan portal, we’ll direct them to your established school/booster portal to complete their donation.

Since fans will donate on your school/booster portal instead of through the Hellafan site, an administrator/booster representative is required to provide record of the amount-raised using the Hellafan platform within five days of a fundraising month. Teams are invoiced a flat rate 12.5% software-as-a-service fee on completed donations.

I still want to talk to someone. How do I do that?

Please email us at info@hellafan.com and we would be happy to setup a face-to-face Zoom, Teams, or Facetime call to answer any additional questions/concerns your team may have.

During that call, you will only speak with a US-based, Hellafan employee.