Frequently Asked Questions

What sports work with Hellafan?

Fundraise for any amateur sport by-the-point or distance-run. It doesn’t matter if it’s elementary, middle, or high school, collegiate or leagues. 

What can I fundraise for?

That’s up to you. Do you need uniforms, travel money, new gear? Teams and individuals choose how to spend their funds.

What phone number do my fans text to pledge?

Phone numbers vary by country and are issued at the time your Hellacode is issued. Generally, we like to stick to easy-to-remember short-codes (ex: 20303 insead of long phone numbers like 555-555-5555.

Is Hellafan free-to-sign-up?

Hellafan is 100% free-to-sign-up. We will never send you an invoice or subscription. We only make money when you make money.

How does Hellafan make money?

Hellafan deducts 15% of all donations for its software-as-a-service from actual donations–not pledges. All fees (hosting, text messaging fees, insurance) come out of our 15%. For credit card processing, Stripe and Paypal charge 2.9% + 0.30 for each transaction. Note: most school districts have their own preferred Paypal and Stripe accounts where they have preferred rates for credit-card processing. We encourage you to work with your Athletic Director, Booster Organization, or administrators to see if you get a reduced rate on credit card fees.

How is my payment information protected? (for donors/fundraisers)

We use a third-party payment processor, Stripe, that tokenizes each transaction.

For you non-programmers out there, Stripe is the same third-party payment processor used by Lyft, Yelp, Spotify, and other massive companies to keep your payment data safe and secure.

Coaches, players, and Hellafan’s own employees  never see or process your payment information. 

For more on stripe, visit:

How do fans know if we’re fundraising for a full season or just a game?

That depends on your teams goals and advertising. Are you telling fans your fundraising for the season, a couple of games, or with a specific goal in mind? However you’re fundraising, we encourage being transparent with your donors since we’ll send them a text message after each time you submit scores. 

Good examples:

  1. We’re trying to earn $5000 as a team to put towards travel.
  2. We’re fundraising our first three games of the season to put money towards new uniforms.
  3. We’re fundraising over the entire season to rehabilitate our clubhouse.

However long you choose to use Hellafan is up-to-you. We recommend you being open with your fan base ahead of time. The best way to do this is to state it on your Hellafan crowdfunding site. That way, when we redirect donors, they’ll know. 

How is Hellafan different from other crowdfunding platforms?

Other crowdfunding sites don’t enable pledging-by-the-point. Gamifying the actual game is shown to get fans more involved such that they are 1) more likely to donate and 2) donate more.

Additionally, did you know that most text messages have a 98%+ open rate? We sign your fans up by text because we know it keeps them engaged and more likely to donate. You’re not another profile lost on a catch-all crowdfunding site. Your team’s unique Hellacode directs them right to your page from the convenience of their phone.

How often do we submit our points?

We recommend submitting your points to Hellafan after each game played instead of waiting over the course of an entire fundraiser. By doing so, two beneficial things happen: 1. you’ll have access to your donations sooner and 2. you won’t surprise donors with a massive pledge-bill. When that happens, donors are likely to round-down; meaning you’re frustrating your patrons and earning less. By submitting your points after each game, donors end up donating more because it’s broken up into smaller amounts, more frequently. You’re also giving donors the courtesy of opting out after their first few donations. This makes them more likely to donate the next time you use Hellafan because they won’t see it as a burden to be carried at their inconvenience. 

Points can be submitted by texting Hellafan your coaches code to the same number your team is using for fundraising.

How do I handle fundraising before a season? What about tournaments? How do we fundraise over an entire season?

It is 100% up to you how long you choose to fundraise. As long as you advertise your Hellacode, you are able to collect donations. We direct fans to their calculated donation after each time you submit points to Hellafan.

1) Do you want to collect funds BEFORE the season even starts? Hold a scrimage, a shoot-a-thon, a home-run-derby, etc.  

2) Do you want to fundraise during the ENTIRE season? After each game, submit your score to Hellafan. We’ll direct donors to where they can donate their calculated pledges each time you do.

3) Do you want to fundraise over a tournament or single game? The same rule applies.  

What happens if I want to change my pledge? donate a lump-sum? the game is a blow-out, etc?

Donors have the option to over-ride any calculated-pledge donation at their time of checkout. This not only protects them from unexpected blow-outs, it’s actually good for teams. Our data shows that folks are more likely to ’round up’ their donation than they are to alter it down.

Donors  are not forced to honor pledges. Hellafan never holds payment information in escrow. 

Should I register each player or the entire team for a Hellacode?

If you are fundraising for the entire team, we recommend having one individual–typically a coach, administrator, or booster–sign up for the Hellacode on behalf of the entire team. That way, all of your funds are sent to a central account controlled by one person.

If you are thinking of creating a ‘mini-competition’ on your team whereby each player is measured by the size and number of pledges they get, we can create related Hellacodes (ex: Gatorball1, Gatorball2, Gaborball3, etc.). If such a system is of interest to your team, please contact us at i Generally, teams are more successful with a single Hellacode because it’s less for your fans to remember. In all instances, teams will use the same phone number, even if we issue individual Hellacodes.

If you are an individual fundraising for your own personal needs, you may also sign up for your own Hellacode.

Hellafan discourages registering each member of a fundraising team for their own individual Hellacode. 

How long does it take to get a Hellacode?

Hellacodes are emailed to fundraising teams within three days of creating their fundraising campaign. Actual humans (with children and weekends) assign Hellacodes to ensure they’re memorable and appropriate.

How are hellacodes decided? Can I choose my own?

Hellacodes are created by Hellafan employees who take into account: sport, mascot, school, location, and other Hellafan campaigns so that Hellacodes don’t overlap. We try to make Hellacodes brief to make it super easy on your fans. We welcome Hellacode suggestions where you think your own short-word will be more effective than the one assigned to you.

Note: Hellafan will not honor requests to change Hellacodes if the new Hellacode could be interpreted in an offensive manner or in conflict with an existing campaign.

Are you going to sell my kid’s personal information?

No. Who do you think we are, Facebook? Hellafan does not collect data on players or teams nor do we sell any data on players or teams–period.

Why can’t I find my account under donate?

Immediately after creating your campaign with Hellafan, it takes our servers time to cache everything such that it’s searchable. Generally, you’ll be able to find your account via search within an hour or two after creating it. 

My account was denied/suspended. Why?

Hellafan reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of content on its site and may deny services to anyone prior to or during a campaign. Campaigns can be denied or suspended for a variety of reasons. Accounts may be suspended for: 1) inappropriate content or 2) inappropriate intent.

Inappropriate content is generally deemed to be content that is: 1) sexual in nature or sexualizes a student athlete 2) using offensive language 3) supporting a cause deemed harmful/offensive to another group/person 4) promoting violence that would lead to suspension/penalty during a sporting event and/or not tolerated off-the-field. This list, unfortunately, is not exhaustive. 

Inappropriate intent includes fundraising for 1) a political cause, regardless of political affiliation, 2) a group located in a U.S. trade-embargoed country or country with whom U.S. law prohibits use of Hellafan services, 3) general misrepresentation of fundraising purpose, 4) complaints from donors about the inaccuracy of scores-reported and confirmed to Hellafan.

If you feel your campaign was denied or suspended unfairly, you may send an email contesting the suspension to

Where do I get a list of pledges to compare it with actual donations?

We don’t release individual pledge information. When you’re asking fans to pledge-by-the-point, they’re making a commitment to support and donate to your team. We remind them they’ve made a pledge but we don’t require or pester them to honor it. Why? Well, for starters, they’re the donor. Any amount they give towards a good cause is better than nothing. Secondly, we don’t know how an individual’s circumstances may change with regards to their ability to support the team. Lastly, if the game is a total blowout, or if someone intentionally submits a false score, Hellafan wants to protect its donors for the good of all teams that may wish to use it. Teams do have 100% visibility to their actual donors.

What’s the difference between a pledge and a donation?

A pledge is when your fan commits to donate an amount by-the-point. A donation is the final, specific-amount given to the team on their personal crowdfunding site.

How long/how many games, can we fundraise with Hellafan?

That’s up to you. You can choose to fundraise for one game or the entire season. Each time you submit a score with your coach code, we text your fans to fulfill their pledge. Just make sure to be upfront with your fans as to whether you’re asking for them to commit to a game, a time period, or over the season. Fans wishing to donate for just one game can opt-out of receiving future Hellafan texts.

Hellafan retires (and may recycle) Hellacodes if no scores have been submitted within sixty days.

Do we still earn money if we lose the game?

Yes! Hellafan has nothing to do with whether you win or lose. Your pledges are only asked to donate by the point. That’s it!

Isn’t this ‘paying for performance’?

No. Many schools and charities do pledge-by-the-point/mile events today. Hellafan’s text-based system and online ledger allows that process to be automated and scalable. We don’t encourage pledges what amount to donate, nor do we ever communicate if a game is won or lost.